RoaDoctor - Barriers Netting


Waterfilled Barriers have a wide range of usage which covers most aspects of traffic control today. Our barriers can be used for various purposes:

Traffic Channelizing and Control
Special/Sporting Events Crowd Control
Building/Construction/Renovation Sites
Public Works Construction
Bridge/Highway Construction
Road Blocks
Temporary Road Blocks
Major Closures
Security Maze and Plant Security
Parking lot restriction
Covered Walkway
Pedestrian Walkway

Manually placed - no forklifts/cranes needed
Barriers connect by slight lifting and sliding
Barriers are filled with water
Water can be drained on site
The 1 meter high barrier cordon off a 1.920m area
Setting up does not require specialized equipment

Image of Waterfilled Barrier

Waterfilled Barrier

1.920m Wide and 1m High
Increase weight with water


Barricading off a dangerous section from motorists

Image of stackable Barrier

Stackable Waterfilled Barrier

Length – Effective 1.910m
Length – Overall 2.030m
Height – 2030mm
Base – 520mm
Weight Empty 28kg – Full 80kg (52L)


Barricading off a dangerous section from motorists
Stackable for saving on storage and transport costs

Image of Barrier Netting

Barrier Netting

50m in length
1m in height


Protecting motorists, workers and pedestrians from harm
Cornering off an unsafe area for repairs or maintenance