RoaDoctor - Speed Bumps


Speed bumps (or speed breakers) are the common name for a family of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions. The use of vertical deflection devices is widespread around the world, and they are most commonly found to enforce a low speed limit.

Image of Speed Control Pyramids

Rubber Pyramid

Installation: 4 bolts and epoxy to secure the pyramid to the road
Colour: Black


Base side: 340mm | Top side: 80mm
Centre Hight: 60mm | Diagonal Measurements: 465mm
Weight: 4.8kg

Image of Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps

Installation: bolts and epoxy to secure the ramps to the road


Size Ramp: 500mm x 420mm x 50mm
End Cap: 320mm x 420mm x 50mm
Weight Ramp: 8kg
Weight End Cap: 2.5kg