RoaDoctor - Stop Blocks


RoaDoctor offers a range of Stop Blocks, also referred to as Wheel Chocks that are moulded from a tough and durable Polyethylene.

Ideal for Trucks and LDVs
Parking on uneven terrain
Surface gripping to support tyre grip
Contoured fit tyre
Security when changing a tyre

Used By: Construction Companies - Mines - Road Contractors - Trucking Companies
Advantages: Stop Blocks are an effective way to stop “run away” vehicles.
Application process: Place behind rear wheel of the vehicle. It is important to choose the right size stop block for the type and size of vehicle it will be used for. E.g a smaller stop block for a light to medium bakkie or vehicle and a large for the larger heavy duty trucks.

Image of 30 Ton Stop Block

Standard - Polypropstopblock 30 Ton

Height: 140mm
Width: 200mm
Length: 320mm
Weight: 1.7kg


To prevent lighter vehicles from rolling

Image of 50 Ton Stop Block

Large - LLDPE Reinforced 50 Ton

Height: 220mm
Width: 420mm
Length: 320mm
Weight: 2.5kg


To prevent very heavy vehicles from rolling